The Thanksgiving Holiday is quickly coming upon us. If you enjoy hosting a Thanksgiving Holiday party, dinner or just a casual get together, then you’ll find these Grace Pointe Living tips useful.

Thanksgiving Holidays at Grace Pointe Living

Energy consumption is always an issue as the weather turns colder. In Oklahoma, you try to get through the hot Summer weather and bear the sometimes high air conditioning bills, but Fall and Thanksgiving bring their own challenges. Having even a few friends and family over to your Grace Pointe Living home during Thanksgiving can create increased energy bills. Think about cooking the turkey, all those hungry visitors, football on the big screen and doors opening and closing constantly!
Some simple tips:
  • Install a dimmer switch for lighting in the kitchen and dining area. Even if you reduce the lighting by a small 10% you can double a light bulb’s life. Imagine the saving on those fancy chandelier light bulbs?
  • Of course, you’ll have side dishes that will be served with the ham and turkey. Cook the side dishes at the same time as you are cooking the turkey and ham by timing the insertion of the side dishes into the oven during the cooking of the main entree. Corning Ware is recommended for this!
  • Try lowering the thermostat a few degrees. The cooking and the company will naturally heat things up. No reason to be turning on the air conditioning in November if you can avoid it!
  • Did you know that if you use ceramic or glass pans — you can turn down the oven’s temp by up to 25 degrees and get the same results. That’s because these materials retain heat so well, they’ll continue cooking food even after being removed from the oven. That’s called ‘smart cooking’!
  • Leverage your microwave. I know you don’t want to cook a ham or turkey in there, but they warm up or cook smaller dishes quickly. Same goes for crockpots..use them to take a load off the oven and have all the serving ready at about the same time. Resist the urge to peek inside your slow cooker: Each time you remove the lid, it releases heat and can add about 25 minutes of cooking time to your dish.
  • Keep your lids tight on those pots. Avoid the temptation to sneak a peek at your cooking. A watched pot never boils, right?
Holidays at Grace Pointe are such splendid fun and if you can host a group without running your electricity or gas bill into the sky, then you’ll be a much happier host! It’s important to enjoy the company of loved ones, friends and family and not have to worry about the power bill hangover in December.
Here at Grace Pointe Living, we strive to provide you with the best active adult retirement lifestyle available. If you are hosting a group of friends and family for Thanksgiving, then we want to support your efforts by providing access to our clubhouse, walking trails, resources, and advice on hosting a gathering and also saving money on your power bills!

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