Oklahoma Seniors, are you having trouble getting to sleep?

Have you noticed that as we all get older, the ability to get a solid night of sleep can be a challenge?

If you are one of the many Oklahoma Seniors who has to deal with trouble getting to sleep and having a full and restful night of sleep, then you might find this information useful.
Whether the issue of sleep disruption is because of aging issues such as nutritional changes in our diet, body pain, worry, stress and perhaps a change in your living environment, it’s important to pay attention to giving your body a chance to have a full and restful night of deep sleep.
Oklahoma Seniors walking and health

Quality sleep time has a direct effect on your health and your mindset.

As you get older, it’s so very important to maximize all opportunities to have an alert mind, healthy body and optimistic attitude to keep your overall health in tip-top shape!
Many people of all ages see value in taking supplements to get to sleep and maintain a full night of restful sleep. However, it’s wise to review what the nature of supplements and medications do to your overall health. This is especially true for Oklahoma Seniors.
Most people of all ages are aware of the need to confirm any dangerous or negative medication interactions with any food or drink, but you also need to be aware that your health is a holistic issue and you must be knowledgeable about anything you consume, to enhance sleep or for any physical issue.

Oklahoma Seniors Should Always Consult Their Physician Before Taking Supplements

The best approach is to notify and discuss with your personal physician what supplements you plan on taking for sleep enhancement.
Approximately 20% of seniors take sleep aids for their insomnia without their doctor’s knowledge. Always consult your doctor before taking any sleep supplement or medication.
Remember that anything you take to make you sleepy can also dull your senses. Having a fall or stumble as a Senior can lead to broken bones, sprains and worse!

Should You Drink That Glass of Wine?

Many Seniors have heard the news that consuming a glass of wine is beneficial for their cardiovascular systems and brain health. Although there are substances in red wine that are beneficial, you can get those nutritional benefits from a good quality grape juice (not grape ‘drink’), eating grapes and fruits that contain them and eating a healthy ‘plant strong’ diet. By all means, enjoy your glass of wine, but don’t consume them with any supplement or medication that your doctor has identified as a problem.
Once again, consult your physician or healthcare professional.

Focus on developing good sleep habits.

You might want to go to bed earlier, not staying up extremely late watching television, dozing off in your chair and them awaken in the middle of the night to go to bed…that’s not a prescription for a good night of restful sleep.

Turn Off The Smart Phone Hours Before Bedtime

Keep your bedroom dark and slightly cool. This will train your body to equate going to sleep and staying in a deep sleep state.
Stop looking at your Ipad or smartphone before sleep. The ‘blue light’ of the display has been shown to have a negative effect on your ability to get to sleep and relax.
Try to avoid getting dependent on taking a pill or capsule to solve your sleep issues. Follow a more natural approach and keep your body and mind in top shape by getting the best quality of sleep you can!

Hope this information gives all Oklahoma Seniors many sheep to count in their sleep tonight!

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