Senior Aging
Where To Go To Delay The Aging Clock

Senior Aging in Oklahoma

We don’t actually have to mention it, but for many who are concerned about senior aging, staying young is almost an obsession. But who really cares about their appearance? Well, if you’ve seen the research on healthy aging, you’ll agree that paying attention to one’s appearance has positive effects not only your attitude and mindset but also your physical health. These are the avenues where your focus on good health and appearance can best benefit you.

First Stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: Hair Salon

Alright, we all know that this establishment is a must-stop to look younger. But if it happens that you will go here, would you know what to instruct the stylist for you to look younger? If you’re one of our Golden Guys, do you know what to ask for to complement your looks?

Some quick tips! Ladies, tell your favorite hair artist to give you a shorter do. A longer hairstyle for an experienced, mature lady would more or less make you look like a bit dated.  Trimming the length to ‘on the shoulder’ or shorter boosts up one’s vitality. This takes the attention away from an aging face. You may also have some bangs and layers. Bangs brushed to the side softens the wrinkles on the forehead. Layers make hair more lively and youthful. Go for it!

Guys, tell your stylist to avoid hair coloring and dye. You don’t need to pretend you have dark hair, just go with the soft gray and distinguished look.

Ladies, feel free to explore hair color! Try telling your hair stylist to add some colors to your crown of glory. This increases the volume of the thinning hair brought about by hormonal changes. Not to mention, this also covers up gray hair preventing it from looking ashy.

Hairstylists also recommend soft, tender brushes after a shower of emollient shampoo to give bulk to the thinning hair. Be open with your hair stylist professional and establish your wants and desires, but be open to objective feedback from your hair pro.

Next stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: Derma’s Face Place

Yes, you can look good by yourself and use your own initiative, but going to the skin specialist once in a while spells a huge difference. Take the celebrities for an example. They keep a full crew of skin pros on call for keeping their faces in full bloom.

Dermatologists give benefits that our bare hands alone can’t bring to fruition. Dermatologists may apply some cosmetics like alpha hydroxy acid. This is used to reduce the lines and folds on the face, as a chemical peel, and enhances the skin’s overall look and feel.  When used as a chemical peel, dermatologists explain that alpha hydroxy acids can change the pH level of the skin to spawn collagen that enhances tonicity of the skin. Collagen, as we age, diminishes in itself, developing wrinkles and pores. Use modern science and health professionals if this is important to you.

Dermatologists may also recommend topical treatments and broad-spectrum sun block lotion that would prevent you from sun exposure. Too much revealing of skin to sunlight causes the largest percentage of sagging, dark spots, and fine lines. We do not notice this effect because it’s not an instantaneous one. Best topical prevention includes those that have antioxidants and retinol. Photo-aging can be treated to some extent and you would be wise to consult your dermatologist or health care professional for details.

Third stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: The Spa

From massage to facials to a Jacuzzi, a treatment spa is absolutely a perfect haven for those who’d like to stay young. Visiting it can be the most enjoyable trip ever.

A worthwhile massage provides comforting relaxation and treatment for more specific physical problems. It can also relieve stress and improve the blood supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It can also aid in the recovery of some muscular problems. And at least in part, an hour of it can compensate for lack of workout and muscular contraction. Do you know that we offer complimentary massage services at Grace Pointe Living? Well, now you do!

“I love getting a relaxing facial! Makes me feel brand new!”

A facial in the spa provides cosmetic therapy of the face. It involves a multiplicity of skin treatments like exfoliation, peels, steam, extraction, and masks. Not only is it soothing, but an age-defying remedy as well.

The warming and freshening comfort of Jacuzzi baths can transfer your soul to another dimension. A Jacuzzi room that uses colors can further healing not only in the body but also in the mind. Each of these therapeutic colors has a particular wavelength that affects the release of hormones and other organic materials within the body. Try it sometime, and you’ll see the benefit.

This kind of experience can positively enhance senior aging and change one’s mood, feelings, or emotions.

Nursing home life is not for you. You want an active adult living, not assisted living experience for your golden years. As a Senior, you have moved to our community because our concept of senior living and aging gracefully ties in with your idea of having a happy and healthy retirement. This is not adult day care, it’s an active adult living experience in a vibrant community of peers and caring staff who want to maximize the fun and enjoyment of being a senior at Oklahoma.
Retirement homes should be a blessing to you and inspire you to live a full and healthy happy life. That’s what we are all about here at Grace Pointe Living.
Our senior housing is constructed by Oklahoma’s premier construction and home builder, Ron Walters Homes and you’ll notice the difference when comparing our community to the conventional ‘apartment’ style senior living communities.

More room, privacy, great grounds, and facility amenities.

You’ll enjoy the ‘seniors helping seniors’ peer support of having neighbors who enjoy the same ideas on healthy and happy aging that you do.
Retirement living is pretty amazing here at Grace Pointe Living!

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