Have you been enjoying the Holidays? Perhaps you are not quite enjoying the extra pounds that Holiday celebrations and libations are adding to your circumference?

By all means, enjoy the Holidays, but eat right to keep the pounds off!

Take note of a few tips that will allow you to still enjoy the Holidays, but taper off on foods and portions that could lead to a heavier 2018 for you.

Eat Right – Live a Great Life – Enjoy the Holidays

If you are starting off with a Holiday meal, consider beginning your meal with soup. Soup is a food that is guaranteed to make you feel full before you actually begin the main course. Feeling full can also help you avoid the snack or dessert tray. Control the urges to overeat at Christmastime! A broth-based soup is best for this. It would not save you much in caloric intake to make a meal of a cream based soup.
Do you enjoy wine? Have you ever considered the difference in the sizes of wine glasses, whether it’s white wine, red wine or champagne?
“Red wine drinkers tend to consume more wine due to the serving size of a red wine glass”
There have been studies (yes, people have actually made studies of wine glasses and amount of wine consumed in them) that show that red wine drinkers will end up drinking more wine due to the large size of red wine glasses. I’m sure you’ve also heard that eating while standing is a prescription for overeating. Well, guess what? Same goes for standing and drinking. Walking around the room conversing and drinking a glass of wine will offer more opportunity to consume more wine. As fun as that may be, you’ll want to take note of the fact that sitting and drinking wine is safer. Less fall danger and less wine consumed, overall.
“The more you are walking and talking, the less you’ll imperil yourself to eat”
Remember to socialize, a lot! It’s been shown that the more distracted you are from the appetizer and food table, you’ll enjoy your company more and eat less. By all means, mill around and enjoy your company and use conversation to keep you away from overindulgence at the food table. Just don’t do it with a glass of wine in your hands.
Are you going to office or group events and the celebrations involve giving gifts? Have you ever gotten the huge food basket full of chocolate and highly processed foods and candy? Consider the ever popular ‘regift’ opportunity during the Holidays. You’ll have something nice to give to someone skinny who will enjoy the gift and you’ll save some pounds and your health over the Holidays.
Be careful on the choice of cocktails.
Did you ever notice that the longer the name of the cocktail, the more calories it seems to contain? Life may not be fair and that goes double for cocktails. Hot buttered rum has a whopping 420 calories and 17 grams of fat, while a 4-ounce glass of Champagne is only 85 calories, less than the usual servings of other wines or beer.
Keep an eye out for the colorful dishes on that Holiday party table. Focus on salads and vegetables and try to maximize the consumption of healthier alternatives to Holidays treats and foods.
It’s the Holidays and you are enjoying the present and all the wonderful things about friends and family this time of year. But if you appreciate that a new year is coming and you focus on the future, you’ll be more likely to eat better. Knowing that the new year brings chances for bliss and sorrow, you’ll focus on at least eating more of a healthy fare to make the chances of bliss possible in the upcoming year.
Keep your eyes open for opportunities to eat better and you and your family will be much more likely to be celebrating more Happy Holidays and good times in the future.

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