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What’s the point of retirement if you don’t protect your health and vitality to enjoy it?

Grace Pointe Living Retirement

Living long and enjoying retirement lifestyle in Oklahoma is a good thing as long as you have good health. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time enjoying their life, family, kids, friends, and grandkids?

If you want to live a long life and a happy and healthy Oklahoma retirement, you’ll want to take care of your health and also be aware of the reality of aging health conditions. With proper and constant guidance from health professionals and your physician, you should be able to maximize those golden years and live a long and happy life.

Grace Pointe Living Bring You The Best in Healthy and Happy Oklahoma Retirement

So what are the main concerns of seniors and from YOU on your health that you need to pay attention to in achieving good health as you age? What weighs heavy on your mind as you strive to ensure the best retirement life?
Obviously, avoiding habits like smoking, getting your with under control and focusing on being physically active all play a big part in the success of living and long and healthy life.
It is possible to have excellent health in your 60s and beyond, but you have to be proactive and take charge of your health habits.

Here are some suggestions on areas of focus if you are serious about achieving and maintaining a healthy senior lifestyle.

  1. Heart Disease- Did you know that 37 percent of men and 27 percent of women who are 65 and older can have heart and cardiovascular issues? The accompanying concerns of high blood pressure and dietary factors like high cholesterol play a big part in this being a serious watchpoint for seniors. Focus on exercise (easy to do here at Grace Pointe) and healthy eating habits. Keep in touch with your doctor and use the wellness benefits of Medicare and your health professionals to maintain good health when it comes to your precious heart.
  2. Bone Density and Osteoporosis- You don’t want to lose your mobility and ability to get around the world and visit your friends and family. Low bone mass can create serious problems! Fractures, bone breakage, loss of movement and mobility all can accelerate an already fragile senior health issue into the critical stage. Diet and proper medical advice and medication can greatly help here!
  3. Diabetes- Did you know that 25 percent of seniors can face problems with diabetes? Ask your physician, exercise advisors, and health professionals to set you up with good diet plans and medical programs that can avoid serious blood sugar and diabetes problems.
  4. Balance and Fall Dangers- Falling has been the downfall (no pun intended) of many seniors. In later life, the most critical lifestyle incident can be the unexpected trip or fall. Most falls occur in your personal residence. Think of the areas in your home that would cause this to be a problem…slippery bathroom areas, rugs, furniture.
Engage in healthy exercise and be attentive to your diet. Access your health benefits, providers and doctors to keep you abreast of the best preventive treatments for keeping your health in optimum status as you get older.
Getting older is not a health decline that you have to surrender yourself to these days. Keep your options open and keep your spirits up. You’ll be more likely to achieve good senior health and a long and happy Oklahoma retirement life to enjoy with friends and family. At Grace Pointe Living, we are here to ensure that your Oklahoma retirement is happy, healthy and all that it can be!

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