Independent Senior Living is Good Living at Grace Pointe

Ready to take advantage of the best in senior 55+ active adult living? In Oklahoma, the word is out that Grace Pointe Living is the top choice in senior independent living for active adult 55+ seniors!
When you consider the amenities and advantages of living here with us at Grace Pointe Living, you’ll see how amazing the choice can be for you!

Quality Senior Living Means Quality Lifestyle Choices

If you make the move to Grace Pointe, you’ll want to take advantage of the numerous social and physical exercise opportunities we provide to active adult senior living in Oklahoma.
Your personal choices should be good nutrition and taking advantage of physical exercise facilities, walking trails and fun, social connection enhancing programs and events we plan for you.

Optimum Senior Living Health Tips

Here are a few tips we’ve picked up on how to ensure that your physical health is a positive influence on happiness and a good mood.

Eat More Nutritious Whole Foods

Keep your focus on lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and non-processed foods. It’s pretty common sense that a bowl of salad with lots of leafy greens is better for you than a baloney sandwich on processed white bread, so focus on whole food nutrition. Always enjoy what’s in front of you at our many potlucks, happy hours and parties, but just remember to make up for that during the rest of the week…you want to still have fun and not overly restrict yourself.

Walking and Running with Grace Pointe Friends

At Grace Pointe Living, we have many walking trails and great topography to enjoy a stroll around the community. Get outside and enjoy our trails, water features, your neighbors and even drop by the clubhouse to say hello to our friendly staff! Keep yourself moving and even invest in a Fitbit or use your smartphone app to track and motivate you to continue your progress with walking and physical activity.

Fellowship and Friends

We all know that loneliness is no fun. Did you know that it is also a dangerous threat to your physical health? Don’t let separation from friends and family cause a decline in our mental and emotional well-being. Get involved with our Grace Pointe Living community activities! We have a full social calendar and social activity staff that can keep you involved with our community, new friends and enhances your feelings of belonging. It’s important to get out and about and enjoy the community here that you have chosen to make you like your new home!

Are you ready to live your best Senior Living years at Grace Pointe Living?

“Old age may have its limitations and challenges, but in spite of them, our later years can be some of the most rewarding and fulfilling of our lives.” –  Billy Graham
What are some of your favorite activities at Oklahoma’s top choice for Independent Senior Living, Grace Pointe Living? Have you made sure to contact our staff and get a newsletter on all the fun we organize for you each month? Let’s connect at the clubhouse and make sure you have a full social calendar for fun and fellowship, get you scheduled for workouts at our fitness facility and find new friends for you to share the best years of your life!
Grace Pointe is designed so that you can live in your a private home without the stress and burden of home ownership.
With over 78 million Baby Boomers searching for their next home and seeking an expanded lifestyle with bigger, better and more options. At Grace Pointe, there is no “one size fits all” philosophy. Every floor plan is different and offers options to tailor your new home to your taste! We also offer a menu of services for you to choose from when and as you need them, maintain the home and the yard, provide a gated and secure community, and offer social programs and activities.

Explore your new home and contact us today!


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Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs RetirementGrace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!



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