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Living to a happy old age and looking for Senior Independent Living that will allow you to enjoy your retirement years? It’s a fact that as we grow older, we start to miss the social connections that were more prevalent in our younger, working years. You often had more friendships from the workplace, business meetings, client events, and training seminars than you do when you are retired.
It’s also a fact that you need personal connections in your retirement years just as you did when you were more socially active in your younger years. That’s why today we would like to discuss how senior independent living can be enhanced by making more friends in an activity that can improve your health and outlook on life.

Walking for seniors is a great way to incorporate physical activity and allow you to keep a pace that lets you enjoy conversation with other friends and family on your daily and weekly exercise efforts! Making the move to a senior independent living community facilitates the ability to get this accomplished!Grace Pointe Senior Living

Walking is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. But there are a couple of things you can do to increase the number of calories burned and to maximize your workout. Three things affect the number of calories burned during a walk.

1) Speed for Effective Walking and Weight Loss

Starting out, you may be able to only walk at a pace of 3 mph giving you a pace of 20-minute miles. However, by working up to a walking speed of 4.5 mph, you end up with 13-minute miles. The difference in the number of calories burned is 20 calories per mile. On a one hour walk, that is an additional 92 calories burned.

2) Distance Walking Tips for Seniors

It stands to reason that if you are walking faster for the same amount of time, that you will cover more distance. However, if you are just starting out, work on distance before speed. The advantage of increasing your distance first is that you build endurance, i.e. you are able to sustain walking at the same pace over a longer period of time. Once you have built endurance, you can work on increasing your speed.

3) Weight Issues for Seniors

A 120-pound person burns about 65 calories per mile walking at 3 mph on a flat surface. As a comparison, a 180-pound person walking the same distance and at the same pace burns about 95 calories. Numerically speaking, the above facts would lead you to believe that as you lose weight, you would most likely have to increase your energy expenditure to keep burning the same number of calories. However, what can happen is that as you become fit, your basal metabolic rate increases meaning you naturally burn more calories than you did before.

Healthy Eating for Senior Independent Living

The other half of walking off weight is to eat healthily. You can’t expect to lose weight by walking and then coming home and gorging yourself with food that is bad for you. Keep in mind that the candy bar you ate takes three to five miles of walking to burn it off!

A healthy diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, foods high in Omega 3 fats (such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring, walnuts, and avocados) and lean meats.

Generally speaking, a woman should eat around 1,200 to 1,300 calories per day; a man 1,500 to 1,600 per day. This should put you on a weight loss of one pound per week. If you lose more than one pound adjust your calorie intake accordingly as you may not be eating enough calories.

When you team up walking on a consistent basis along with healthy eating, you’ll be well on your way to losing weight the healthy way. Soon you’ll be enjoying life as a lighter and healthier you.

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