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Active Adult Living Seniors Love Grace Pointe Living!

What’s to Love About Grace Pointe Living?

Grace Pointe Living offers so many amenities to active adult seniors who want an upscale and quality retirement here in Oklahoma! Active Adult Seniors in Oklahoma love what they are seeing in this fabulous community!

Active Adult Living Grace Pointe Living

Many of the 50+ active adult seniors who visit us for tours and information are very pleased to see that Grace Pointe Living is NOT apartment style retirement housing. Our homes are built by one of the top tier and most respected home builders in Oklahoma, Ron Walters Homes. Just a few of the innovative and exceptional advantages to living at Grace Pointe Living include?

Security at Grace Pointe Living:

  • Gated entrance limits unwanted traffic
  • Travel worry-free, knowing your gated home is observed by caring neighbors and staff
  • Individual Burglar Alarms
  • Reinforced tornado safe rooms provide ground protection in all weather situations
  • Covered Car Port for each resident
  • Extensive Exterior Lighting

Amenities at Grace Pointe Living:

  • 3000 sq. ft. Clubhouse
  • Meeting room with business capabilities
  • Fitness Center
  • Park Benches and Picnic Areas
  • Sports Lounge
  • Guest Suites
  • Outdoor living area with fireplace
  • Walking trails
  • Fully stocked fishing ponds
  • Custom Cabinetry with Granite Countertops
  • Designer Appliances including Washer & Dryer
  • Covered Car Port for each resident
  • 2000’ walking trail
  • Landscaped grounds and irrigation system
  • Water features including ponds & waterfalls
  • Theater Room

Contact us to learn why Active Adult Living in Oklahoma is moving into a whole new world with a community like Grace Pointe Living! Read more about Grace Pointe Living and see why discerning seniors who desire the best in retirement living options in Oklahoma are choosing Grace Pointe Living!

Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs RetirementGrace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

Enjoy the Holidays | Eat Right and Avoid the Weight Gain

Have you been enjoying the Holidays? Perhaps you are not quite enjoying the extra pounds that Holiday celebrations and libations are adding to your circumference?

By all means, enjoy the Holidays, but eat right to keep the pounds off!

Take note of a few tips that will allow you to still enjoy the Holidays, but taper off on foods and portions that could lead to a heavier 2018 for you.

Eat Right – Live a Great Life – Enjoy the Holidays

If you are starting off with a Holiday meal, consider beginning your meal with soup. Soup is a food that is guaranteed to make you feel full before you actually begin the main course. Feeling full can also help you avoid the snack or dessert tray. Control the urges to overeat at Christmastime! A broth-based soup is best for this. It would not save you much in caloric intake to make a meal of a cream based soup.
Do you enjoy wine? Have you ever considered the difference in the sizes of wine glasses, whether it’s white wine, red wine or champagne?
“Red wine drinkers tend to consume more wine due to the serving size of a red wine glass”
There have been studies (yes, people have actually made studies of wine glasses and amount of wine consumed in them) that show that red wine drinkers will end up drinking more wine due to the large size of red wine glasses. I’m sure you’ve also heard that eating while standing is a prescription for overeating. Well, guess what? Same goes for standing and drinking. Walking around the room conversing and drinking a glass of wine will offer more opportunity to consume more wine. As fun as that may be, you’ll want to take note of the fact that sitting and drinking wine is safer. Less fall danger and less wine consumed, overall.
“The more you are walking and talking, the less you’ll imperil yourself to eat”
Remember to socialize, a lot! It’s been shown that the more distracted you are from the appetizer and food table, you’ll enjoy your company more and eat less. By all means, mill around and enjoy your company and use conversation to keep you away from overindulgence at the food table. Just don’t do it with a glass of wine in your hands.
Are you going to office or group events and the celebrations involve giving gifts? Have you ever gotten the huge food basket full of chocolate and highly processed foods and candy? Consider the ever popular ‘regift’ opportunity during the Holidays. You’ll have something nice to give to someone skinny who will enjoy the gift and you’ll save some pounds and your health over the Holidays.
Be careful on the choice of cocktails.
Did you ever notice that the longer the name of the cocktail, the more calories it seems to contain? Life may not be fair and that goes double for cocktails. Hot buttered rum has a whopping 420 calories and 17 grams of fat, while a 4-ounce glass of Champagne is only 85 calories, less than the usual servings of other wines or beer.
Keep an eye out for the colorful dishes on that Holiday party table. Focus on salads and vegetables and try to maximize the consumption of healthier alternatives to Holidays treats and foods.
It’s the Holidays and you are enjoying the present and all the wonderful things about friends and family this time of year. But if you appreciate that a new year is coming and you focus on the future, you’ll be more likely to eat better. Knowing that the new year brings chances for bliss and sorrow, you’ll focus on at least eating more of a healthy fare to make the chances of bliss possible in the upcoming year.
Keep your eyes open for opportunities to eat better and you and your family will be much more likely to be celebrating more Happy Holidays and good times in the future.

Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs RetirementGrace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

What’s to Love about Grace Pointe Living?

Our convenient living gives you time to do the activities you love!

Residents Love Living at Grace Pointe Living:

“Before moving to Grace Pointe, I had AC problems, toilet problems and sprinkler problems all in one summer! My son would like to help with maintenance, but I start to feel guilty. Here, I don’t have any lawns to mow or anything else to worry about. My family thinks Grace Pointe is a great deal, not only for their sake but for mine too.

Grace Pointe Living | Oklahoma Senior Living at it’s BEST!

“There’s really nothing else out there like Grace Pointe. It’s a different look and it feels so much better than similar communities as far as quality, design, and amenities. It really was everything that I was looking for. Here I really feel that I’m part of a fun and close-knit community neighborhood.

Active Adult Living in Oklahoma | The Advantages of Moving to Grace Pointe Living

“I can come and go when I like and I feel secure and safe. Everyone in the neighborhood is over the age of 55, goes to bed early and has the same habits that I do, so it’s a good fit. Independently, I can take care of myself, I just don’t want to be billed for something that I won’t be using. Grace Pointe is perfect for that!”

Cheryl Vanzant, Grace Pointe Resident & Son, Koree VanzantActive Senior Adult

Fun and Entertainment

Grace Pointe’s 3000 square foot private clubhouse is always available for our residents’ use. Our calendar of activities is designed by our residents! Some of the activities include:

  • Potlucks
  • Bridge Club
  • Games
  • Gardening Club
  • Community Dances
  • Movies in Private Theater
  • Trips and excursions
  • Exercise classes
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Educational classes
  • Arts and Crafts
  • The Possibilities are Endless


The City of Moore has several great transportation options for those over the age of 60. A van service is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays to take seniors from the Moore area to Oklahoma City medical appointments. They also offer a discount taxi program called “share a fare” where seniors receive a 40% discount on their taxi fare. A transportation bus owned and operated by the Moore Council on Aging (MCOA) provides rides for senior citizens from their addresses in the Moore city limits to the Brand Senior Center. This service also serves seniors with transportation to banks, stores, the library, doctor’s offices, and other places within the city.

There are three aging services meal sites within minutes of Grace Pointe Living. A lunch is served at these locations Monday – Friday on non-holidays. If you are homebound you may apply through the Department of Aging to have home-bound meals delivered to your home.

Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs RetirementGrace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

Senior Aging | Where to Go to Delay the Aging Clock

Senior Aging
Where To Go To Delay The Aging Clock

Senior Aging in Oklahoma

We don’t actually have to mention it, but for many who are concerned about senior aging, staying young is almost an obsession. But who really cares about their appearance? Well, if you’ve seen the research on healthy aging, you’ll agree that paying attention to one’s appearance has positive effects not only your attitude and mindset but also your physical health. These are the avenues where your focus on good health and appearance can best benefit you.

First Stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: Hair Salon

Alright, we all know that this establishment is a must-stop to look younger. But if it happens that you will go here, would you know what to instruct the stylist for you to look younger? If you’re one of our Golden Guys, do you know what to ask for to complement your looks?

Some quick tips! Ladies, tell your favorite hair artist to give you a shorter do. A longer hairstyle for an experienced, mature lady would more or less make you look like a bit dated.  Trimming the length to ‘on the shoulder’ or shorter boosts up one’s vitality. This takes the attention away from an aging face. You may also have some bangs and layers. Bangs brushed to the side softens the wrinkles on the forehead. Layers make hair more lively and youthful. Go for it!

Guys, tell your stylist to avoid hair coloring and dye. You don’t need to pretend you have dark hair, just go with the soft gray and distinguished look.

Ladies, feel free to explore hair color! Try telling your hair stylist to add some colors to your crown of glory. This increases the volume of the thinning hair brought about by hormonal changes. Not to mention, this also covers up gray hair preventing it from looking ashy.

Hairstylists also recommend soft, tender brushes after a shower of emollient shampoo to give bulk to the thinning hair. Be open with your hair stylist professional and establish your wants and desires, but be open to objective feedback from your hair pro.

Next stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: Derma’s Face Place

Yes, you can look good by yourself and use your own initiative, but going to the skin specialist once in a while spells a huge difference. Take the celebrities for an example. They keep a full crew of skin pros on call for keeping their faces in full bloom.

Dermatologists give benefits that our bare hands alone can’t bring to fruition. Dermatologists may apply some cosmetics like alpha hydroxy acid. This is used to reduce the lines and folds on the face, as a chemical peel, and enhances the skin’s overall look and feel.  When used as a chemical peel, dermatologists explain that alpha hydroxy acids can change the pH level of the skin to spawn collagen that enhances tonicity of the skin. Collagen, as we age, diminishes in itself, developing wrinkles and pores. Use modern science and health professionals if this is important to you.

Dermatologists may also recommend topical treatments and broad-spectrum sun block lotion that would prevent you from sun exposure. Too much revealing of skin to sunlight causes the largest percentage of sagging, dark spots, and fine lines. We do not notice this effect because it’s not an instantaneous one. Best topical prevention includes those that have antioxidants and retinol. Photo-aging can be treated to some extent and you would be wise to consult your dermatologist or health care professional for details.

Third stop to Stop the Senior Aging Clock: The Spa

From massage to facials to a Jacuzzi, a treatment spa is absolutely a perfect haven for those who’d like to stay young. Visiting it can be the most enjoyable trip ever.

A worthwhile massage provides comforting relaxation and treatment for more specific physical problems. It can also relieve stress and improve the blood supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It can also aid in the recovery of some muscular problems. And at least in part, an hour of it can compensate for lack of workout and muscular contraction. Do you know that we offer complimentary massage services at Grace Pointe Living? Well, now you do!

“I love getting a relaxing facial! Makes me feel brand new!”

A facial in the spa provides cosmetic therapy of the face. It involves a multiplicity of skin treatments like exfoliation, peels, steam, extraction, and masks. Not only is it soothing, but an age-defying remedy as well.

The warming and freshening comfort of Jacuzzi baths can transfer your soul to another dimension. A Jacuzzi room that uses colors can further healing not only in the body but also in the mind. Each of these therapeutic colors has a particular wavelength that affects the release of hormones and other organic materials within the body. Try it sometime, and you’ll see the benefit.

This kind of experience can positively enhance senior aging and change one’s mood, feelings, or emotions.

Nursing home life is not for you. You want an active adult living, not assisted living experience for your golden years. As a Senior, you have moved to our community because our concept of senior living and aging gracefully ties in with your idea of having a happy and healthy retirement. This is not adult day care, it’s an active adult living experience in a vibrant community of peers and caring staff who want to maximize the fun and enjoyment of being a senior at Oklahoma.
Retirement homes should be a blessing to you and inspire you to live a full and healthy happy life. That’s what we are all about here at Grace Pointe Living.
Our senior housing is constructed by Oklahoma’s premier construction and home builder, Ron Walters Homes and you’ll notice the difference when comparing our community to the conventional ‘apartment’ style senior living communities.

More room, privacy, great grounds, and facility amenities.

You’ll enjoy the ‘seniors helping seniors’ peer support of having neighbors who enjoy the same ideas on healthy and happy aging that you do.
Retirement living is pretty amazing here at Grace Pointe Living!

Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs Retirement, Grace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

Cold Weather Winters in Oklahoma | Active Adult Living Advice

Cold weather is coming to Oklahoma!

Seniors, if you enjoy living in Grace Pointe Living, then you’ll want to prepare your home so that you enjoy a safe and secure environment this Winter. Many maintenance items are taken care of by your expert staff at Grace Pointe Living so make sure to contact them and communicate your concerns. We want your life and retirement at Grace Pointe Living to be the best!

Here’s some great information we received from our Realtor® friends of Grace Pointe Living from the National Association of Realtors® and wanted to share it with you!

Wintry weather is great at turning up problems you didn’t even know you had. Like that first snowy night in front of your fireplace that you thought was pure bliss — until you noticed a leak in the ceiling corner, which apparently was caused by a lack of insulation. How were you supposed to know that?

Here are seven things to do now to avoid costly wintertime mistakes:

#1 Buy a $2 Protector for Your Outdoor Faucet

The cost if you don’t: Up to $15,000 and a whole lot of grief

It’s amazing what a little frozen water can do damage-wise. An inch of water in your basement can cost up to $15,000 to pump out and dry out. And, yet, it’s so easy to prevent, especially with outdoor faucets, which are the most susceptible to freezing temps.

The simplest thing to do is to remove your garden hose from your outdoor faucet and drain it. Then add a faucet protector to keep cold air from getting into your pipes. They’re really cheap (some are under $2; the more expensive ones are still less than $10). “Get these now,” says Danny Lipford, home improvement expert, and host of the “Today’s Homeowner” television and radio shows. “When the weatherman says we’ve got cold coming, they’ll sell out in minutes.”

While you’re at it, make sure any exposed pipes in an unheated basement or garage are insulated, too, or you’ll face the same pricey problem.

Wrap pipes with foam plumbing insulation — before the weather drops. It’s cheap, too, just like the faucet cover (only $1 for six feet of polyethylene insulation). And it’s an easy DIY project, as long as you can reach the pipes.

#2 Add Insulation to Prevent Ice Dams

The cost if you don’t: $500 — if you’re lucky; a lot more if you’re not

Those icicles make your home look so picturesque, you just gotta take a few pics. But you better make them quick. Those icicles can literally be a dam problem. (Yes, dam — not the curse word that sounds the same. )

Icicles are a clear sign that you’ve got an ice dam, which is exactly what it sounds like: a buildup of ice on your gutter or roof that prevents melting snow and ice from flowing through your gutters. That’s really bad news because these icy blocks can lead to expensive roofing repairs.

Depending on where you live, expect to pay at least $500 for each ice dam to be steamed off. Leave the ice and you risk long-term damage, which could ultimately cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your roof, depending on what type of shingles you have and the size of the damaged area.

How to prevent them? Insulation. “Ice dams, icicles, and ice buildup on the gutters is a symptom of not enough insulation in the attic,” says Chris Johnson, owner of Navarre True Value and several other stores in the Twin Cities area.

And “you need to have at least 14 inches of insulation in your attic, no matter where you live,” says Lipford. If you live in a colder climate, you’ll need more.

If you don’t have the cash to insulate, heated gutter cables, which run between $50 and $150 each, can be a less expensive alternative when temporarily affixed to areas prone to ice damming, Johnson suggests.

#3 Clean Your Gutters

The cost if you don’t:: You really don’t want to be in a position to find out

It can be so tempting to skip gutter cleanups as winter nears. It seems like as soon as you clear your gutters, they clog right back up again. So what’s the point?

Well, if it looks like you’re living inside a waterfall when it rains, water is missing your gutter system completely. It’s being directed to your foundation instead. And a water-damaged foundation is never, ever cheap to fix.

A contractor can plug foundation cracks for $1,500 to $3,000, says David Verbofsky, director of training for exterior home products manufacturer Ply Gem. But a worse problem, one that requires a foundation excavation or rebuild, can set you back (gulp$30,000 or more.

Suddenly, cleaning your gutters a few times each fall doesn’t seem so bad. A pro can do the work for anywhere between $70 and $250, depending on the size of your gutter system.

#4 Seal Up Leaks

The cost if you don’t: Nights where you never feel warm, despite sky-high heating bills

“If it were possible to take every crack on the outside of a typical home and drag them together, you’d have the equivalent of a three-by-three window open all the time,” says Lipford. Yikes.

Yet cracks can be easily and inexpensively sealed with a simple tube of caulk, and it’s available in hundreds of colors to match your window panes, outside siding, and even brick. Not sure where to caulk? Look for visible cracks around:

  • Window sills
  • Baseboards
  • Fireplace or dryer vents
  • Anywhere something inside pokes a hole to the outside

#5 Program Your Thermostat

The cost if you don’t: Money you could spend on something else besides heating

We all know we should, but we seem to have some mental block when it comes to programming our thermostats to align with our schedules. It’s not that hard, and sometimes all it takes is buying a new one that suits you. (Like maybe a Wi-Fi one that’ll give you a little money-saving thrill each time you swipe your app.)

“From a cost-savings perspective, a programmable thermostat is a great investment,” Lipford says — as much as 10% off your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Related: Get tips on choosing and programming a thermostat

#6 Get a Furnace Tune-Up

The cost if you don’t: A furnace that’ll die years before it should — and higher energy bills

“Forget to service your furnace and you could easily cut five years off the life of your system,” says Lipford, who added that five years is a full third of the typical unit’s life span. New units can cost around $4,000 installed, making the $125 annual maintenance charge a no-brainer.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to replace the furnace filter, which cleans the air in your home, and also keeps your furnace coils cleaner, which can shave up to 15% off your energy bill. Johnson suggests at least every three months, but possibly as often as monthly if you have allergies, pets, or smoke cigarettes at home.

#7 Get a Fireplace Inspection

The cost if you don’t: Possibly your life — and your home

“A cozy fire is great, but if you don’t maintain your chimney, a fire can cost you thousands of dollars,” says Johnson, not to mention the risk to you and your family.

Schedule your maintenance appointment as early as you can.”If you wait until the busy season, you’ll have a hard time getting them out there, you’ll pay more, and you’ll get a lower quality job,” says Lipford.


Visit for more articles like this.


Exceptional Active Adult Living is now available in Oklahoma! Our premier communities for those who desire the best in modern active adult living are taking reservations now! Laurel Springs RetirementGrace Pointe Living, and The Chateaux at Mon Abri are open and offering tours of the best homes and senior lifestyle in Oklahoma. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality, lifestyle, and amenities when you make the move to one of our quality active adult living communities! Contact Us Today!

Oklahoma Seniors | Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

Oklahoma Seniors, are you having trouble getting to sleep?

Have you noticed that as we all get older, the ability to get a solid night of sleep can be a challenge?

If you are one of the many Oklahoma Seniors who has to deal with trouble getting to sleep and having a full and restful night of sleep, then you might find this information useful.
Whether the issue of sleep disruption is because of aging issues such as nutritional changes in our diet, body pain, worry, stress and perhaps a change in your living environment, it’s important to pay attention to giving your body a chance to have a full and restful night of deep sleep.
Oklahoma Seniors walking and health

Quality sleep time has a direct effect on your health and your mindset.

As you get older, it’s so very important to maximize all opportunities to have an alert mind, healthy body and optimistic attitude to keep your overall health in tip-top shape!
Many people of all ages see value in taking supplements to get to sleep and maintain a full night of restful sleep. However, it’s wise to review what the nature of supplements and medications do to your overall health. This is especially true for Oklahoma Seniors.
Most people of all ages are aware of the need to confirm any dangerous or negative medication interactions with any food or drink, but you also need to be aware that your health is a holistic issue and you must be knowledgeable about anything you consume, to enhance sleep or for any physical issue.

Oklahoma Seniors Should Always Consult Their Physician Before Taking Supplements

The best approach is to notify and discuss with your personal physician what supplements you plan on taking for sleep enhancement.
Approximately 20% of seniors take sleep aids for their insomnia without their doctor’s knowledge. Always consult your doctor before taking any sleep supplement or medication.
Remember that anything you take to make you sleepy can also dull your senses. Having a fall or stumble as a Senior can lead to broken bones, sprains and worse!

Should You Drink That Glass of Wine?

Many Seniors have heard the news that consuming a glass of wine is beneficial for their cardiovascular systems and brain health. Although there are substances in red wine that are beneficial, you can get those nutritional benefits from a good quality grape juice (not grape ‘drink’), eating grapes and fruits that contain them and eating a healthy ‘plant strong’ diet. By all means, enjoy your glass of wine, but don’t consume them with any supplement or medication that your doctor has identified as a problem.
Once again, consult your physician or healthcare professional.

Focus on developing good sleep habits.

You might want to go to bed earlier, not staying up extremely late watching television, dozing off in your chair and them awaken in the middle of the night to go to bed…that’s not a prescription for a good night of restful sleep.

Turn Off The Smart Phone Hours Before Bedtime

Keep your bedroom dark and slightly cool. This will train your body to equate going to sleep and staying in a deep sleep state.
Stop looking at your Ipad or smartphone before sleep. The ‘blue light’ of the display has been shown to have a negative effect on your ability to get to sleep and relax.
Try to avoid getting dependent on taking a pill or capsule to solve your sleep issues. Follow a more natural approach and keep your body and mind in top shape by getting the best quality of sleep you can!

Hope this information gives all Oklahoma Seniors many sheep to count in their sleep tonight!

Grace Pointe Living is the new and most innovative Active Adult Living community in Moore, Oklahoma. Contact us for information on the new specials on leasing and lifestyle that will be available to you when you make the move to Grace Pointe for your retirement. Expert staff, fun social activities and easy access to all of Moore and the OKC Metro mean that moving to Grace Pointe Living for your Golden Years retirement is the ‘smart move’ for Oklahoma Seniors!

Grace Pointe Living | Love Your Home and Your Life

Sweeten Your Home And Feel Good | Oklahoma Retirement Living

Oklahoma Retirement Living

Tough routine brings about stress. Stress brings about (say it!) aging. While the rest of the world is turning out of your hand, you are most likely at home, savoring what’s left of your Thanksgiving weekend after a looooong week of holiday activities. You feel tired, almost whipped, and then, when you look in the mirror, you stare in horror. You just got hold of the worst news since Hurricane Katrina; you got wrinkles.

Stress is a part of life, but when you reach your Golden Years, you want to find a place to call home and start enjoying it. That’s why Grace Pointe Living came into existence. We are here to make Senior dreams come true.

Need some tips on making your new life at Grace Pointe Living a blessing? Here are a few that will encourage you to make your Grace Pointe Living home and lifestyle all it can be!

Senior Lifestyle Tips from Grace Pointe Living:

Be more than a boarder on your home! Beautify it! In this way, you won’t be dreading every waking moment in it. Add some spice in your routine. Trust me, it will bring out the younger person in you and you will forget you’re not getting any younger (well, physiologically).


Remember your pre-school picture where you are smothered in dirt and you still managed to flash a toothy grin? Remember your prom picture where you wore make-up even if it’s against your will? They actually represent very good memories that can make you feel both nostalgic and cheerful at the same time. Seeing these memories triggers a part of the brain that recalls that memory and connects it with good moods.

Everybody knows that good moods bring out the best in us. It helps us become more optimistic through life and become more productive. Come on, you know there’s a lot more to think about than having a Botox injection or not.

You might have heard a lot of times that to stay young, you must smile all the time. With a lot of good memories haunting your home, what’s not to smile about?


Old = boring. That’s how 90% of the world sees it and you can’t help but agree. Look around your home. If the dominant color is anything neutral (gray, brown, black or white) then it’s about time that you redirect your creativity. Neutral is boring. Pastels, neon linings and bold designs spell F-U-N!

“I’ve Found a New Purpose in Life Here at Grace Pointe Living. Truly the ‘Good Life’!”

If you can’t remember the last time that you’ve been fun then you’ve really aged. Recollect the atmosphere of fun. However, do not mix a lot of colors at the same time. Consult with someone who is good in interior design or read interior design books to have a guide. This is important because you don’t want your home looking like a day care center gone wrong.

Next, you can also consider filling your home with really good art. Put up bold paintings of local artists (local is cheaper but not necessarily of less quality). Frame good poetry on a fine quality paper with professional calligraphy. Even 10,000-piece puzzles and sophisticated cross-stitch pieces make good aesthetic treats. Choose carefully the quality of art that you put in your home. If you must, consult someone who finished a fine arts degree or even a college student of fine arts. Lastly, choose the art that you fall in love with. It should be something you can stand (and be happy) to see every single day.


There are certain foods that don’t feel right when eaten every day. There are also certain foods which have the marvelous capability to make you feel better after eating it. Examples of feel-good food are those which are usually eaten after a break-up, a termination and after failing a subject.

Foods such as chocolate, ice cream, cakes are also connected with feel-good memories. Consider stocking up on these foods so whenever you feel like pigging out, do so in your own home and more importantly, do not apologize for it. That’s one of the best features of youth. Hmm. Alcohol is optional too.

You may not be getting younger, but hey, you can “retire” in your own home here at Grace Pointe Living every day. Stay young, stay fun and stay passionate about life.

Grace Pointe Living is the new and most innovative Active Adult Living community in Moore, Oklahoma. Contact us for information on the new specials on leasing and lifestyle that will be available to you when you make the move to Grace Pointe for your retirement. Expert staff, fun social activities and easy access to all of Moore and the OKC Metro mean that moving to Grace Pointe Living for your Golden Years retirement is the ‘smart move’ for Oklahoma Seniors!

Enjoying a Grace Pointe Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving Holiday is quickly coming upon us. If you enjoy hosting a Thanksgiving Holiday party, dinner or just a casual get together, then you’ll find these Grace Pointe Living tips useful.

Thanksgiving Holidays at Grace Pointe Living

Energy consumption is always an issue as the weather turns colder. In Oklahoma, you try to get through the hot Summer weather and bear the sometimes high air conditioning bills, but Fall and Thanksgiving bring their own challenges. Having even a few friends and family over to your Grace Pointe Living home during Thanksgiving can create increased energy bills. Think about cooking the turkey, all those hungry visitors, football on the big screen and doors opening and closing constantly!
Some simple tips:
  • Install a dimmer switch for lighting in the kitchen and dining area. Even if you reduce the lighting by a small 10% you can double a light bulb’s life. Imagine the saving on those fancy chandelier light bulbs?
  • Of course, you’ll have side dishes that will be served with the ham and turkey. Cook the side dishes at the same time as you are cooking the turkey and ham by timing the insertion of the side dishes into the oven during the cooking of the main entree. Corning Ware is recommended for this!
  • Try lowering the thermostat a few degrees. The cooking and the company will naturally heat things up. No reason to be turning on the air conditioning in November if you can avoid it!
  • Did you know that if you use ceramic or glass pans — you can turn down the oven’s temp by up to 25 degrees and get the same results. That’s because these materials retain heat so well, they’ll continue cooking food even after being removed from the oven. That’s called ‘smart cooking’!
  • Leverage your microwave. I know you don’t want to cook a ham or turkey in there, but they warm up or cook smaller dishes quickly. Same goes for crockpots..use them to take a load off the oven and have all the serving ready at about the same time. Resist the urge to peek inside your slow cooker: Each time you remove the lid, it releases heat and can add about 25 minutes of cooking time to your dish.
  • Keep your lids tight on those pots. Avoid the temptation to sneak a peek at your cooking. A watched pot never boils, right?
Holidays at Grace Pointe are such splendid fun and if you can host a group without running your electricity or gas bill into the sky, then you’ll be a much happier host! It’s important to enjoy the company of loved ones, friends and family and not have to worry about the power bill hangover in December.
Here at Grace Pointe Living, we strive to provide you with the best active adult retirement lifestyle available. If you are hosting a group of friends and family for Thanksgiving, then we want to support your efforts by providing access to our clubhouse, walking trails, resources, and advice on hosting a gathering and also saving money on your power bills!

Grace Pointe Living | Active Adult Living At its Finest

Contact us if you have any questions or need help in scheduling access to our beautiful community for your visitors!

Grace Pointe Living | Happy Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween at Grace Pointe Living this year?

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween — as long as it’s just a trick.

To help you avoid any real-life scares — such as falls, fires, and traffic accidents — around your Grace Pointe Living property this All Hallows Eve, play it safe while you’re setting up your Halloween lights and decorations.

Here are seven simple precautions recommended by John Pettibone, curator of Hammond Castle, a Gloucester, Mass., mansion that draws thousands to its renowned 20-room haunted house every Halloween season.

#1 Increase Wattage of Outdoor Lights

Providing plenty of illumination ensures that your visitors can see where they’re walking, helping to avoid missteps and falls. Pettibone suggests using the highest wattage bulbs your outdoor lighting fixtures can safely take (check the label on the socket), and adding landscape lights every few feet along your front walk.

“We use the solar-powered kind because there’s no wiring needed,” he says. “Just push them into the ground, let them soak up the sun during the day, and they’ll light up the walk after dark.”

#2 Use Friction Tape on Steps

If you have a concrete stoop, which can get slippery when wet, apply friction tape ($16 for a 60-foot roll of 1-inch-wide tape) to ensure stable footing, says Pettibone. He also stocks up on chemical ice melt ($20 for a 50-lb. bag) just in case of an early freeze.

Also, be sure to clear your walk, steps, and stoop of any obstructions that could trip youngsters focused more on tricks and treats than watching where they’re going. That means moving potted mums and jack o’lanterns out of the way, and hammering down any nail heads protruding out of your steps.

#3 Tighten the Railings

If your porch railings are wobbly or broken, family members and friends may know not to lean too heavily on them, but Halloween visitors won’t. So hire a contractor or handyman to fix the problem. It’ll make your home safer for guests all year round. Because more strangers come to your front door this night than the rest of the year combined, now is the time to take care of it.

#4 Eliminate Fire Hazards

Don’t put real candles into your carved pumpkins or paper lanterns. “That’s a fire waiting to happen,” says Pettibone. Instead, pick up a bulk pack of LED-bulb faux candles, which emit a yellowish, flickering, battery-powered light that looks amazingly similar to the real thing — without the danger.

#5 Use Caution Tape to Prop Open Storm Door

In addition to spooky items like cotton cobwebs and half-buried skeletons, consider a few safety-related scene-setters. Pettibone suggests propping open the screen or storm door so it doesn’t get in the way when there’s a big group of kids congregated on your stoop.

“We use yellow caution tape to tie open the door,” he says. “You can order it online and it works well with the Halloween theme.” A 1,000-ft. roll of 3-inch-wide caution tape is about $8.

You’ll also want a working doorbell, so if yours is broken, either hire an electrician or handyman to fix it — or install a wireless doorbell in its place.

#6 Clear the Curb of Cars, Obstacles

Four times as many child pedestrians get killed on Halloween night than a normal night. So limit the danger as much as you can by clearing parked cars off the curb to allow better visibility and placing a reflective “watch for children sign” at the edge of the road. For high-traffic roads in Halloween-intensive neighborhoods, consider posting an adult in the street with a hand-held traffic control light to help maintain safety.

At Grace Pointe Living, we enjoy sharing tips and tricks to make your home here enjoyable and your lifestyle as pleasant and care-free as your retirement years deserve to be! Contact us if you have any need of resources and information to make your Grace Pointe Living life the best!

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Grace Pointe Living | Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays!

Is Your Grace Pointe Living Home Ready for the Holiday Spotlight?

It’s almost Halloween and the air has turned decidedly cooler! What does that mean? It’s time for the Oklahoma Holiday Season to begin!

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all mean parties, family, friends and fun! Help the season be even more enjoyable by getting your home and your bathroom in tip top holiday shape for your holiday season visitors!

As retailers are so fond of reminding us, the holidays will soon be upon us. That means parties and family visits. If you start getting the house ready now, the run-up to your soirees will be less chaotic and you can focus on the finer points.

Grace Pointe loves offering you tips to get various parts of the home holiday-ready and today, we start with the one room most of your guests will use, the bathroom.

Pretend You Are Selling Your Home

Approach your bathroom makeover as if you were readying it for a steady parade of potential homebuyers. This means starting with a deep clean, top-to-bottom – literally. Start at the ceiling and work your way down.

  • Before you start, remove everything from the counters and any shelving in the bathroom. Take down the shower curtain and remove the throw rugs.
  • Next, use the vacuum or a duster to get the accumulated “fuzz” out of the ceiling fan grate. Then, check the walls (especially where they join the ceiling) for cobwebs.
  • The light fixtures come next. If you have the Hollywood-type strip vanity lighting, your bulbs may be dusty so remove each one, dust them and replace them.
  • If you have windows in your bathroom, tackle those next. Clean the glass and then clean out the tracks. Vinegar and water, and old toothbrush and a rag work well for this task.
  • Mirrors come next. There are lots of ways to do this – from using ammonia and water to vinegar and water or commercial window cleaners.
  • Vinegar and water also works well on counter tops and shelves.
  • Next, clean the sink and shower/tub. We asked several of our friends and clients to tell us about their favorite products for these tasks: a mixture of Dawn dishwashing soap and vinegar; Ajax cleanser; Tide laundry detergent. The last one we were a bit skeptical about until we tried it ourselves. Used like a scouring powder, it truly does get off the toughest bathtub grime better than anything else we’ve tried.
  • Toss the shower curtain, window curtains and rugs in the washer
  • Wash the floors

If you have shower doors, clean those with a mixture of warm distilled vinegar and a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Don’t use this on stone, though. Instead, try a paste of baking soda and the dish soap and use a non-scratching sponge.

De-Clutter Your Grace Pointe Home

Now it’s time to bring back all the items you removed from the shelves and countertops. Unless something is decorative, hide it away in the cupboards and drawers.

Throw out anything you don’t use and those empty shampoo bottles that tend to collect in the bathroom.

Get ideas on what to leave on the counters and what to hide from online sites such as PinterestHGTV and Better Homes & Gardens.

Bring Back The Linens

But, check them first and get rid of rugs, towels, mats and curtains that are frayed, faded or torn.

Replace them with new items that coordinate with the rest of the bathroom’s décor.

In fact, beautiful towels can double as attractive accessories if folded in clever ways. Check out these amazing towel display ideas on Pinterest.


Wall treatments can improve the look of a bathroom instantly. Again, Pinterest can serve as inspiration. offers 260 photos of bathroom artwork and more inspiration can be found at Apartment Therapy and

Grace Pointe Living loves sharing tips and resources to make your life here a joy! If you are interested in becoming a member of our great community, contact us! We are happy to provide you with information and tours of our fabulous community!

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